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AKC Breeder of Babydoll Face Maltese

AKC Breeder of Babydoll Face Maltese

AKC Breeder of Babydoll Face MalteseAKC Breeder of Babydoll Face Maltese

Best Dry dog/puppy food


 Did you know it can say the word "natural" and only be 20 %  natural, so make sure your dry dog food is 100% natural.

" Please read the ingredients to make sure it does not contain grain because if  it does your pup might has a itchy skin problem... some of these products carry both with and without grain.

The following  100%, holistic dry dog food that would be recommend that you might want to switch to that has No red dye, No Grains, No Soy, No Corn, No chicken by products, No beet, and tomato products for staining. 

The best healthy diet for your pup that will  help maintain and provide your pup with a good healthy diet for a long lasting life! I recommend the following foods…

Fromm puppy/dry dog food you can get it at Petz Store, Ultra, Nutro puppy with farm-raised chicken with lentils and sweet potato, Canidae, Solid Gold, Natural Balance, California Natural, Prairie blend- chicken & brown rice Merrick small breed, Halo, Blue Buffalo, just to name a few. 

Most of  these dog food products can be found a your local Petz Store, Petco Pet Store, Pets-mart Stores or on the web at

chewy.com 1-800-672-4399.

"When changing your pups food"

When changing  over to a new kind of dry or puppy food - mix half and half with your dry dog food with the dog food your prefer to change to gradually ending up with the dry dog food you would prefer for your pup.